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  • XSTRIX enables instant video content search and 24/7 event monitoring in your private cloud, across multiple cameras, on any device.
  • XSTRIX helps everyone, from law enforcement and government agencies, to private security and business intelligence, to extract value from big video data to ensure security at both national and private levels.
  • Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, XSTRIX video analytics can accurately and swiftly identify anything, like human faces, license plates, object features and behavioral patterns.
Key Facts

    Security and Safety

    Business Intelligence


    Platform as a Service (PaaS)

    Software as a Service (SaaS)


    More than 300 accounts

    More than 30.000 cameras


    Cloud | Big Data

    AI | Video Analytics


    More than 200 people

    7 countries

XSTRIX Product Evolution

Video Analytics SDK

Video Analytics SDK

Video Analytics Encoder

Video Analytics Encoder

Video Analytics Camera

Video Analytics Camera

Video Analytics BI

Video Analytics BI

XSTRIX for local monitoring

XSTRIX for local monitoring

XSTRIX for remote monitoring

XSTRIX for remote monitoring

XSTRIX for cloud service

XSTRIX for cloud service
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Xstrix Network Security
  • Controls network user activity
  • Mirrors traffic of the corporate network
  • The server analyses incoming mirrored traffic
Xstrix Endpoint Security
  • Controls endpoint user activity
  • Captures employee actions by means of software agents installed on the computers
  • The server analyzes incoming captured data:
    – Immediately, if the computer is on the corporate network
    – As soon as the computer connects to the Internet, if the employee is working remotely
How It Analyzes

AlertCenter is the think tank of XSTRIX DLP, regularly analyzing all the software modules with more than 10 search algorithms. When specific words, phrases, text, or files have been detected, the system immediately informs a designated data security officer.







The analysis is performed with a specified frequency and according to the security policies,
set up to detect specific type of data. XSTRIX DLP provides two types of policies:

Universal Security Policies
  • Relevant for every enterprise type
  • Fraud and bribery control
  • Negativity and conspiracy detection
  • Identification of risk groups engaged in substance abuse, large debt and others
  • Tailored to the specific needs of each industry
  • Bank card data leakage detection (financial activity/banks)
  • Cargo theft and pilferage detection (transport and supply chain)
  • Tender purchases monitoring (commerce), and more