DLP as a service

Xstrix releases the DLP as a service product for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

Benefits of DLP as a service for an MSSP

  • DLP as a service reduces business risks
  • No down payments for MSSP required
  • Worldwide delivery model
  • Improved business productivity and efficiency

The comprehensive solution to prevent data leakage for MSSP-managed accounts:

  • DLP is designed to meet specific needs of small and medium-sized business
  • Fast and easy installation of the service on your client devices
  • Coherent set of pre-installed policies and pre-set tools to recognize any fraud
  • User-friendly administration panel with rights management options
  • Top-class channel analysis
  • Modular structure for high flexibility and efficiency
  • Advanced technologies and productivity improvements

Technical support for MSSPs

  • Required tools and technologies.
  • Management support and product expertise.
  • Deployment templates

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